General Information

What you need to know about The Sandbox


Whether you’ve been planning your visit to The Sandbox for months or are just popping in for a spur-of-the-moment visit, your trip is sure to create lasting memories! Our museum is carefully designed for children up through age twelve. Our youngest visitors have a place where they can play safely and explore freely in a space designed specifically for crawling, sliding and playing on all fours! Bigger children love to explore and pretend atop a shrimp boat where they can explore the life a shrimper, and the oldest visitors can create in our Art Studio and invent in our MakerSpace area.

In addition to the hands-on exhibits, an Art Studio and MakerSpace, The Sandbox offers weekly, staff-guided programming and a variety of other programs and annual events for members, local visitors and tourists. In addition to these family-focused activities, we also offer field trips for local schools and groups, a free school readiness program for preschoolers, Summer Camp, and community outreach programs. Looking for the perfect place to throw a birthday party or event for your group? The Sandbox can accommodate both general parties and private events. Contact us to learn more.



  • We strongly recommend that you make reservations; walk-ins are welcome, but we often reach capacity and would hate for you to plan the day only to arrive and not be able to enter! BOOK NOW
  • Discuss what types of activities and exhibits you will see with your kid(s).
  • Allow them to explore our photo gallery so they can see firsthand what the museum looks like and anticipate what fun they will have!
  • Find out what excites them and look for ways to relate it to other things they are learning at school, home and within your community.


  • Follow your children’s lead! The Sandbox is designed especially for kids to create their own experience.
  • Allow them to lead you through the museum at their pace—let them linger or move right along—whatever works for them!
  • Encourage the use of imagination. Afford the time to get lost in make-believe!


  • Process your experience when you return home. Find out what your child learned during your visit and what you might do differently the next time.
  • Tell us about your experience. We are here to serve you! We’d love to hear what you loved and what might make your experience even better next time.
  • If you love The Sandbox as much as we do, we hope you’ll come back again (or maybe three more times!?!). A family of four, visiting four or more times pays the equivalent of a Family Membership and receives a number of other membership benefits, including discounts. We offer a Grandparent and Active Military Membership too.


The Sandbox Children’s Museum has in its mission to provide inclusive and safe environments for children to learn and explore with their peers and caregivers. Upon ticketing all guests agree to:

  • Adults should encourage children to demonstrate respect for museum property.
    – Use walking feet
    – Keep/return materials to designated exhibit
    – Use safety equipment as needed
  • Adults should model appropriate respect for others. i.e. respect others use of materials.
  • Supervise their child at all times and not allow any child to be in any given area without adult supervision.
  • Your visit to The Sandbox is an opportunity for parents/caregivers and children to play and interact with one another. Playing with cell phones is discouraged. Playing with your child is encouraged.
  • Follow all our Health and Safety policies and procedures.
    – No smoking is permitted in the museum or on the porch
    – No adult should be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
    – Weapons of any kind are not permitted on the property
  • Consume food/drinks outside the museum only, discarding waste in designated receptacles.

Museum staff does reserve the right to ask any guest to leave when these guidelines are not followed.

Don't arrive and not be able to get it!
We have limited capacity and reach it often!

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